Meet Gavin, our Director of Photography

Gavin on a filming expedition | Copyright 3D Entertainment

A native of the Bahamas, with over 20,000 underwater hours to his credit, Gavin McKinney is a veteran of underwater filmmaking.

He has worked on many feature and television films, among them five of the James Bond movies, “Splash,” “Speed 2″, “Jaws: the Revenge”, “The Abyss” and many more.

He is the Director of Photography for WONDERS OF THE SEA 3D & we are so lucky to have him as our underwater eye.

The complicated thing about making underwater images in macro is that you don’t know if it is good until you get out of the water and look at it on a large screen!

That’s what makes underwater filming forWONDERS OF THE SEA 3D a great challenge…

Scuba-love & bubbles!


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