A new actor in Game of Thrones?


The Crown of Thorns | Copyright 3D Entertainment Films

This pretty starfish isn’t as harmless as it seems. It’s the Crown of Thorns. Its name sounds a lot like Game of Thrones, and it could totally star in it!

The Crown of Thorns can grow to over two feet wide, have up to 19 arms and has a forest of venomous spines. It devours living coral and breathes through black gills on its skin. It’s a carnivore, eating coral polyps. It spreads its stomach outside its body and directly digests living coral polyps.They can be a main source of coral mortality, causing great damage to coral reefs.

Do you think it could replace the Greyjoy’s Kraken as their sigil ?

Are you spooked out? Because we sure are!

Check out our article about the cutest little guys on the reef to feel a little better.

Scuba-love and bubbles!

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